Does this sound familiar?

You’re busy running your business and you’re finding the whole world of marketing confusing and overwhelming.

I get it! There are so many options to get yourself seen. And even if you know where to focus, you’re unsure if you’re focusing on the right channels in the right way to attract your ideal clients.

You want to grow your audience, your sales and increase customer loyalty and you want it all profitably.

But you’re missing one thing? The experience or know-how to make it happen.

If you've found yourself feeling this way, let's have a chat to see how I can help you fast track your marketing success.


Are you ready to transform your marketing?

So, here's what I've noticed happening over the past couple of years. Business owners getting caught up in the 'vanity numbers'. Focusing on growing their followers, fans and connections but then quickly realising that hard work is not then translating into clients, sales or profits.

There's so much conflicting advice on what you should post, where you should post and how to scale your business. And, if like so many other business owners, have you thought what you'd do if social media platforms go down?

OK, enough of that doom and gloom! That's why I'm here! Empowering and informing female business owners to increase the effectiveness of their marketing. Yes, of course that involves social media platforms but how to incorporate it into campaigns and funnels so they're going from 'spray and pray inconsistent marketing' to 'considered, planned and consistent marketing' that increases sales and profitability.

Or perhaps you need help on your branding, positioning, messaging and help to get clear on who you want to attract into your business. I can help review and create new products and service offerings and how to promote successfully.

Wouldn’t it be nice to know that right there beside you, you’re working with a woman who’s bringing their 20 years of marketing experience and sharing how to apply everything that’s relevant to help transform and accelerate your business. Whether you're just starting out, you've been established for a while or the time's right to grow and scale your business.

Let me make it my mission to help you achieve your business and marketing goals, help you experience success faster than going it alone and without making the mistakes that many business owners make.

Hello, how are you?

How’s business going?

I’m assuming you’re here as you’re looking for experienced marketing help to grow and scale your business. You need help to raise your visibility and you want your marketing efforts to count.

Before launching as a marketing consultant 7 years ago, I spent 15 years in marketing working at some of the largest brands and companies in the UK – Sony Electronics, Sky TV, Marks & Spencer, Carphone Warehouse and Virgin Holidays to name just a few.

And for the past 7 years I’ve worked with hundreds of women to share my experience, knowledge and know-how to help make positive changes to their businesses – with both service and product based business owners.

I pride myself in listening to my clients - their needs, their values and visions and offering bespoke support to their business. I'm hugely practical and very honest about my own learnings and experiences of running and marketing my own businesses. To date I've run 4 of my own and I'm also the proud owner of the Thrive Collective.

I live in Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire with my husband and two young boys (7 and 4 year olds). I understand the challenges of balancing home and businesses and the needs, motivations and desires to achieve success!



interested in working with me? We can work together 1:1 or as part of a group

  • Would you like my dedicated expertise on your business and input into your marketing? I offer various ways of working from 'Power Hours' to VIP days and everything in between.

  • Do you Thrive off other people's energy? Me too! Come and join me at one of my regular group VIP marketing days or join me at one of my Mastermind groups.

  • Come join me in my Membership. Whatever and however you need to connect, collaborate, learn and Thrive together, the Collective will have something for you!



  • I worked with Sam in the infancy of my business, we spent a day together in her lovely home. I had a real sticking point with creating strategies for the business and leaning into some of the stickier parts of creating a product (spending), but with Sam's help, I've been able to become far more strategised going forward and have become much more business-focused when it comes to making financial decisions. I am now a very satisfied member of Sams online membership Thrive Collective and look forward to working 1-1 again with her in the future.

    Lauren Founder of Wear 'Em Out
  • I contacted Sam to help me with a specific business idea... I wanted to create a paid membership group with Facebook, but I didn’t know where to start with the process, technology or marketing! I chose Sam over others, because I’d been in her group for some time and could see she knew her stuff. Most importantly, I knew Sam had recently created her own paid membership group, and I was keen to learn how it all worked and the best way to launch it. I had just one change to get this new product launched correctly, so I did my homework to find the coach that was the best match. I live in cardiff, and Sam lives 200 miles away, a slight issue, but I knew she was my lady, so I booked the transport and off I went. I spent a day with Sam, and I wasn’t disappointed. She guided me through the process and I left feeling clear headed about what I needed to do, positive and so excited about my new venture. Sam has also kept in touch since, looking over copy for me and advising as and when. I couldn’t have done it with out her. Thank you Sam... 😘

    Jules Founder of the The Food Addiction Breakthrough membership
  • Sam “positively prods me” like a kind encouraging boss who wants you to succeed, but on your own terms. Sam has a great skill – she can summarise your situation into Action Points, and yet allow you to focus on your own path. Like a personal business Sat Nav, she recalculates your route back to its best destination!

    Ros YogaRos

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