About Me

Curious to know how I could help you thrive in business?  Keen to know if we’re a good fit to work together?  Book in a free 30 minute discovery chat with me.

About Me

Curious to know how I could help you thrive in business?  Keen to know if we’re a good fit to work together?  Book in a free 30 minute discovery chat with me.


Let me guess?  You’re working hard on your product or service, feeling like you’re doing everything you can to be seen & be heard but you’re still not get the results you want?  Or maybe you’re getting the results but you can’t sustain the effort you’re putting in?  There must be something you’re missing out on?  I bet you’ve invested in courses, time with experts and you’ve quite possibly grown your followers and fans, but for some reason it’s not translating to sales.

This is the biggest problem I hear from clients I work with.  They want to launch, grow or scale their business but they need help with their systems, so that they are best placed to generate a stream of leads and sales.  Turn those ‘fans’ to profitable and loyal customers.

Over the past 8 years I’ve worked with hundreds of business owners just like you to work flexibly alongside them to optimise their return on their marketing efforts.

I work with many business owners who are keen to scale a business that avoids ‘trading time for money’, they want a business that doesn’t rely on them being in it all the time and want to create a business where they don’t need to be worrying where their next customer is coming from.  To do this they need to build and grow their audiences and their visibility, alongside needed products and services that attract their ideal clients.

It’s worth knowing too that not only do I bring my 20+ years marketing experience, I’m also an accredited and experienced business coach.  So don’t be surprised if our work starts with an initial focus on marketing that then takes a de-tour via business planning and accountability!


My Thrive Journey

If you’re a little curious about my experience, you’ll get everything you need over the next few paragraphs.

Let’s begin in the last century!  That makes me experienced rather than mature, right? I graduated with my Marketing (and Italian) degree.  This included a year of working at LloydsTSB in their London HQ in the City.

Before making that transition from student life to the corporate world, I spent 18 months travelling around the world.

Back “home” I spent a couple of years at Thomas Cook HQ working within their loyalty team.  Producing, developing and analysing our communications to our highest spending clients and our most loyal travellers.

With the Big Smoke calling, I made the move to London to work at Sky TV HQ spending another couple of years working with huge budgets on their then newly launched Sky+ box.  Tasked with delivering communications to acquire new customers via TV & radio advertising, press advertising, direct mail and inserts.

And so it was back to the travel sector after Sky.  The lure of a brand like Virgin called me.  Sadly, lunching with Richard Branson was not on my daily agenda and I quickly moved on to….

Sony Electronics.  Working within the business development function to understand how we could monetise the vast and rich database that Sony had collected.  This included marketing the Sony Credit Card, promoting insurance and guarantee products and being a linchpin between all Sony companies to maximise our collateral across electronics, movies and music.  I loved the freebies!

After a short spell at Marks & Spencer HQ (working within their loyalty marketing team) I spent 3 years at Carphone Warehouse as a Senior Marketing Manager.  Developing, recruiting and launching a brand new communications plan for their existing customers.

That brings us to 2013…when my first baby arrived and the commute across London wasn’t an option.  Within 6 months of becoming a mother I had launched 3 businesses!  A weight management business, a baby massage and yoga practice, and my coaching business.

2015 saw the arrival of my second son and in 2018, after a move to Bishop’s Stortford I decided to streamline my efforts to one business.  Realising how I could be even more successful by channeling my success, experience and passion into one area.  Today I run two businesses.  Equally passionate about both.  As a Marketing Consultant but also the founder of Thrive Collective. I wanted to grow my connections and my tribe, but couldn’t find what I was looking for, so I set up my own!

And most recently, during 2020 I set up my first ever business with my husband.  We are the proud owners of Work From Here, a co-working and event space in Bishop’s Stortford.