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Sam Dixon

I’m a straight-talking marketing consultant and business mentor working with ambitious women to launch, grow and scale their businesses.

Hello Thrive In Business!

Welcome to my new business, Thrive in Business.

For some time I had been thinking about evolving my previous coaching practice, Thrive Coaching.  You can read more here about how I decided to pivot or persevere.

And it was there that I shared I was going to pivot.

I’d been listening to my gut (when it wasn’t telling me I was hungry), listening to what business women needed to accelerate their business and I reviewed what was happening in the business coaching space and how my aspirations fit into it (or more importantly, didn’t).

I reviewed my brand, my positioning, my passion and my own visibility and tribe that I’d built around me.  Keen not to throw out the really great bits as I pivoted in my business.

And that’s why I’ve kept Thrive in my business name.  Kept it as my mission to continue helping and supporting women Thrive in Business.

As a Marketing Coach & Consultant, I’m now doing it in a different way.  Previously as a business coach there were many areas to support women in business – from the practicalities of getting going in business, to providing the support and know-how to grow and scale their business.  But I was being asked more and more for marketing input, support and training.  Clearly, as people got me on the subject….I could chat for ages!

And why was that?  Because 1. People realised my previous background and current work could add value to their business and 2. I was gaining a reputation to be that go-to person to help them in their marketing.

So it feels right that I now focus on helping women by providing them with flexible marketing support to help them launch, grow and scale their business.

I’m bringing everything I’ve learned and used in marketing over the past 20 years to Thrive in Business.  Right from my marketing degree I completed (last century!), through the years I spent at organisations including Carphone Warehouse, Marks & Spencer, Sony Electronics, Sky TV, Virgin Holidays and Thomas Cook.  Plus the 5+ years of launching, growing and scaling 3 of my own businesses.

So what do I do?

First and foremost I help you get your foundations right when it comes to marketing.  I rarely leap into branding, messaging and advertising before I truly get you confident, clear and comfortable about what your business is (and what you sell), what you stand for and who you want to attract.  Once we have that then we can start looking at a brand that represents you and your business values.  Time and time again I hear an owner say they want one thing but their brand represents something completely different.  And guess what happens?  They’re attracting the wrong type of clients – sometimes no clients at all.  Once we have the brand we can get clearer on how we’re going to raise your visibility, credibility, and presence with your ideal clients.  What do they want from you, what benefits do you provide and how can your marketing efforts speak to them in a way they will listen.  And buy from you!  But we don’t stop there.  We’ll work on a plan to increase loyalty, retention and how to increase referral rates.  Too many businesses focus on ‘filling up the funnel’ without considering leaky holes in the journey their customer takes

And if you’re looking for something that I don’t currently offer, I have amassed a wonderful circle of supporting businesses that I know and trust and can recommend to you.

So….welcome to Thrive in Business.  I am constantly evolving my business.  Of course I’m leading by example on how to grow and scale my business so I’ll be ever changing.  Keep an eye on my website, my Facebook page, come join me in my Facebook group or sign up for updates on my get togethers.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

I’m Sam Dixon, founder of Thrive In Business – an experienced Marketing Coach & Consultant to ambitious businesswomen who want to launch, grow and scale their business with flexible marketing support.  For a free 30 minute discovery call get in touch on 07972 783 507 or email me at hello@thrivewithsam.com

And if you’re looking for the support of like-minded women, come and join the conversation on my Facebook group Women Who Thrive in Business

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