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I’m a straight-talking marketing consultant and business mentor working with ambitious women to launch, grow and scale their businesses.

Your Elevator Pitch. Making your 60 seconds count.

Over these past 18 months, it’s absolutely fair to say that increasing my investment into face to face networking (time and money), has had the biggest effect on my business.

Getting myself out there, raising my visibility, raising my connections and introductions and genuinely increasing my confidence and removing the feeling of isolation in my business, has made me love my business even more.

At many groups (not all, my monthly Thrive Together group, see above, doesn’t include a 60 second group intro), it’s standard for each attendee to have 60 seconds to promote themselves and their business.  This is a great time to clearly and concisely communicate who you are, what you do and how the group can help you.

And even if you attend a group that doesn’t have them (did I mention my monthly group, Thrive Together?), it’s hugely helpful to have this structure in your back pocket when you’re introducing yourself.


In advance of compiling your 60 seconds, have a think about what your marketing goals are for the week or month ahead.  What packages do you have and what do you want to promote?  What’s relevant to the group and what do you want people to know and how can they help. So many people miss out a ‘call to action’.  It’s so very important you are clear with your messages.  How does networking fit in with your monthly marketing planning? Need a planner – CLICK HERE.

Think about storytelling in your 60 seconds. Bring your business to life. Some of these questions will help…

  • Who have you worked with, what did you do and how did it benefit them?
  • Won an award, a finalist, what’s your good news?
  • Something in the news that relates to your business. “Did you know….?”
  • Example of a happy customer. How did you help them?

60 seconds is not enough time to share everything you have to offer to everyone.  Don’t try and cram too much in.  It’ll be confusing and you may end up muddled and it’s personally happened to me, flustered!

Do make sure that your messaging and content is relevant to your audience.  Different groups and business owners may have different interests and find different “hooks” more appealing.  How can you tailor your 60 seconds to the different groups you attend?


OPENING – Start with a “Hello” or “Good morning / good afternoon”, plus your name and company name. Sorry, I know it’s super basic but I’m amazed how many people forget this!

A quick overview of your target market and that would appeal to those in the room.

Tell a story relating to the focus area above, highlighting your Unique Selling Proposition (USP), your value-added services, the benefits of your services and/or the differentiating factors from your competitors.

This could be from the task above – remember to differentiate and emphasise on your benefits, not your features.
* Who you have helped…
* What their problem, complaint or difficulty was…
* What you did for them…
* Why others would BENEFIT from dealing with YOU in the same circumstance…


What would you like those in the room to help you with

  • “Who do you know who …(requires your services)”
  • “An ideal referral source for me would be a ….(target market)”
  • “A good referral for me this week……..(target market)”

Finish with your name and your tagline if you have one

So for example, mine may be…

I’m Sam Dixon, founder of Thrive In Business – an experienced Marketing Coach & Consultant to ambitious businesswomen who want to launch, grow and scale their business with flexible marketing support.  

I’m working with many female business owners who are confused by all the social media platforms and they’re feeling overwhelmed by what, when, where and how frequently they should be posting to generate more sales.

Just last week I spent a half-day planning session with a local photographer to work through who they wanted to attract into their business – their ideal client. Once we had this detail, she felt more informed about which platforms to focus her effort, the content to share and how to engage with these particular clients. Plus, she became empowered to say no to come off platforms that were no longer relevant.

If you know anyone who would benefit from 1:1 coaching to accelerate their business I would appreciate an introduction. Who do you know who would benefit from being better planned and organised with their marketing and social media? Thank you for your time.  I’m Sam Dixon, from Thrive in Business”

And when you have the structure?  Make sure you practice, practice, practice.

Record yourself, time yourself….keep a check of your body language and your mannerisms.  Ensure your verbal communications are congruent with your non-verbal communication.

And don’t forget to stand tall and be confident.  Even if you’re out of your comfort zone and the nerves are taking over – “fake it till you make it”.  No-one else needs to know how you’re really feeling inside.  Be proud of your business.  Be proud of yourself.

Remember, networking is not just about selling to those who are in the immediate room.  It’s about sharing your products and services to your “tribe” so that they can make the introductions and recommend you to their network.

The groups I attend meet monthly, and the power of networking and building a tribe, is even more fruitful by arranging 121’s outside of the allotted meeting time.  Getting to know your tribe personally, listening to their business background, needs and where you can support, work with and refer each other.  Such an important aspect of networking.

I’d love to hear your own additional top tips.  Drop me an email with your feedback hello@thrivewithsam.com 

I’m Sam Dixon, founder of Thrive In Business – an experienced Marketing Coach & Consultant to ambitious businesswomen who want to launch, grow and scale their business with flexible marketing support.  For a free 30 minute discovery call get in touch by email hello@thrivewithsam.com

And if you’re looking for the support of like-minded women, come and join the conversation on my Facebook group Women Who Thrive in Business

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