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I’m a straight-talking marketing consultant and business mentor working with ambitious women to launch, grow and scale their businesses.

Pivot or persevere? A year on….

This time last year (well 11 months and 2 weeks to be precise) I wrote a blog about decisions I needed to make in my business.

I’d reflected over the summer holidays and decided that my business ‘Sat Nav’ needed new instructions. My business vision remained the same, my goals remained the same but actually how I got there needed some work. I needed to change.

I was faced with the decision to either pivot or persevere. You can read the blog HERE.

Did I keep on persevering with what I was doing? Or would making a pivot in my business be a better decision? I didn’t want to give up all my hard work, the results I was getting but I knew I was capable of achieving more.

So what happened? 12 months on?

I shared that Thrive Coaching, Sam Dixon The Business Coach was going to be no more. And that I would be welcoming a new brand, new focus….Thrive In Business with Sam Dixon was born. Marketing Coach and Consultant.

A chance to zoom in on my experience, to use my 20 years of marketing experience and help the same kind of women in business I’d been helping, but in a different way, with different issues and with differing outcomes.

So if you’re sat reading this, thinking “I need to make a change in business”. Perhaps you’re not getting the results, the reward or making the impact that you’d like, let me share my 3 key learnings on making a pivot in my business has had. Taking a change in direction is not a bad thing. Quite the opposite…

  1. I felt liberated and empowered! I took the opportunity to keep hold of the elements I enjoyed, the impact I was having but got rid of anything that no longer served me or my business. No longer concerned about what the ‘7 figure coaches’ were up to and some of the underhand tactics I’d experienced first hand…I could “let it go”. I was taking stock of a business I had control over…and woman, did it feel good!
  2. I didn’t feel like a failure by pivoting. Quite the opposite! I wasn’t giving up anything…simply letting go of a direction that wasn’t taking me where I wanted to go. Personally, I’d have felt a failure, 12 months on, had I continued to persevere with my existing business. A stark reminder that it’s our business and we control the direction our business takes. I know others who have made a bigger pivot and at times wondered if they were doing the right thing. Always consider the alternative and which one is going to help you achieve your vision.
  3. Becoming niche is so right for me! I had always offered marketing coaching but previously it was a small part to play in my business. Now…I’d like to think that those who have met me, heard of me or who are searching for someone like me have a clearer idea of what it is that I do. It’s taken time to be comfortable in niching but it’s honestly been the best thing for me and my business.

So…if you’re coming to the end of the summer holidays, you’re taken time to reflect on where your business is, change can be uncomfortable, but staying the same and not making that change can have a longer term impact on you and your business.

I’m Sam Dixon, founder of Thrive In Business – an experienced Marketing Coach & Consultant to ambitious businesswomen who want to launch, grow and scale their business with flexible marketing support.  

For a free 30 minute discovery call get in touch by email hello@thrivewithsam.com or come join Thrive Collective, my monthly membership community. JOIN HERE.

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