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What’s the fuss about blogging?

Welcome to my three part blog…and about blogging!

You know I’m not sure where the shift has come from, but I’ve noticed a real resurgence on blogging these past 6 months. Have you too?

I’ve noticed because I’m doing more training on it, it’s a key subject in my marketing programme and the feedback I get from my own clients is how much they love it once they know why they should blog, what they should blog about and how to blog.

So I’m excited to share this three part blog series. First up….

Why you should blog. Tell me Sam, what benefit is blogging to me in my business?

1.It increases your changes of being found and drives traffic to your website.

A company that that blogs regularly generates 55% more visitors to their business annually.

I’ll take that! When new and existing customers find your blog, read your content they’re most likely going to stick around. They’ll hop over to other areas on your website. They may even make a purchase from you, or leave their data.

Search engines (like Google) love fresh and new valuable content that they can give to searchers. So if you’ve got a website but don’t have a reason to keep it updated (and who does), blogging gives you a wonderful opportunity to keep adding content and it increase your chances of being found. Pretty good huh?

Whilst we’re on SEO, it will give you additional benefits from back links as other websites begin to link to your website. Back links are great as SEO considers these to be an endorsements to the content you’re putting out there.

2. It allows you to establish yourself as an expert, as a leader in your field.

I know you have so much to share with the world, so much to say and to help your ideal clients. By blogging you create this resource and showcases that you’re a business who delivers helpful and informative content. Which, let’s face it can only be great for conversion rates.

3. It allows you develop that ‘know, like and trust’ factor.

By establishing yourself as an expert you’ll be developing rapport and trust between yourself and potential and existing clients. According to research, 82% of consumers feel more positive about a company after reading custom content. And it makes sense doesn’t it? If you help your customers learn about a topic they’re interested in, they can see you’re invested in their well being, not just selling stuff to them.

4. It’s an opportunity to stand out from the crowd.

You can get across your USP and be personal. This is especially important for those of you in saturated markets. It’s a great place to show your personality, your views and showcase your expertise. You can truly bring your personality to life! By including valuable content you’ll be increasing your conversion and loyalty as you can demonstrate how much you’re able to help out your ideal client.

5. You can use blogs to capture leads.

Both as a way to opt in or to direct them to a place promoting your lead gen (freebie downloads for example) so you can keep having that conversation in another format. On email.

6. It’s a great way to create opportunities for sharing.

Every time you blog, you’re creating that opportunity for the reader, your audience, to share your content. To reach new audiences that you possibly wouldn’t ordinarily be able to reach. Winning!

7. And finally, it gives you a great starting point for all other forms of content marketing.

This blog itself has been picked apart from some training I’ve delivered. One piece of training, 3 blogs, a potential ‘guest speaker talk’ at a networking event, content for at least 3 emails…and a plethora of content for social media! Pretty powerful stuff!

And on a final note, if you’re planning on blogging just to sell…stop right there. You can of course subtly promote how you work, but save other areas of your content marketing and marketing strategy to sell. People are reading blogs for information gathering, to fill their knowledge gaps, not to be sold at.

I’d love to hear whether you’re already blogging and if this helps or if it’s helping you to take action. Come and join me in my free Facebook group. If you’re looking for specific training I’ve got you covered with an hour of training in the Thrive Collective Membership (if you’re not a member check out or it’s one of the modules in my 6 months marketing programme.

Join me shortly for part two of my blogging series. Where I’ll be sharing more about WHAT to blog about!

I’m Sam Dixon, founder of Thrive With Sam Dixon, a Marketing Consultant to ambitious businesswomen who want to launch, grow and scale their business with flexible marketing support. 

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