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Top Tips: Creating a compelling lead magnet

Picture this.

You’ve heard me (or others) share and talk about the importance of building an engaged email list. You may have even downloaded my email marketing freebie here.

You sit down to create your to do list to make it happen.

You’ve heard the importance of a freebie or a lead magnet but your mind has gone blank.

What could you possibly offer in exchange for someone’s email address?

I get it.  Let’s work together here to come up with some ideas.

Let me share some top tips on what makes a really great compelling freebie to get your audience signing up with their email address.

First off.   What is a lead magnet?

It’s an irresistible bribe offering a specific chunk of value to a prospect in exchange for at least their contact information. Lead magnets get you email addresses!

What makes a great lead magnet?

  • Solves a real problem 
  • Promises one quick win
  • Quick to digest 
  • High value
  • Instantly accessible
  • Demonstrates your expertise
  • Keep it intentional and consistent

Solves a real problem 

  • If your lead magnet doesn’t solve a real problem that your ideal client has, or if it doesn’t give them something they really want, it won’t work at all. It just becomes inbox noise. And no-one wants that.

Promises one quick win

  • Your lead magnet should promise (and deliver) one quick win for your ideal client. In other words, it should help them to easily achieve something.

Quick to digest 

  • PDF checklists tend to convert really well because they are so quick and easy to digest. eBooks or lengthy reports may make your responders feel overwhelmed. I know it’s tempting to download everything you know about XYZ but make it quick and easy for your audience.

High value

  • Your lead magnet should have both high perceived value and high actual value. I’ve lost track of the number of freebies that I’ve signed up for any received poor value. And no-one wants that reflection in their business.

Instantly accessible

  • Your lead magnet will work best if it is something that can be delivered right away. People love instant gratification. Especially if they’ve been searching online with a challenge they have / a purchase they want to make. Strike whilst the iron is hot.

Demonstrates your expertise

  • When someone signs up to your lead magnet, it should demonstrate your expertise or your unique value proposition. Make sure reality meets expectation on you and your brand and their pain points / what they need help with.

Keep it intentional and consistent.

  • You don’t want to create an opt in that isn’t aligned with the brand you’ve built or the messaging you’ve been putting out into the world. Stick to the content that you know best to build trust in the area you are promising results!

Need a few ideas on what to create. Here’s 15 freebie ideas to get you started. Don’t overthink it and don’t overthink it.

  • A download worksheet / training
  • A customisable guide / template
  • A sample of a book
  • A calendar download
  • Audio Training
  • E-Cards, Screen Savers, Desktop Backgrounds
  • Stock Images
  • A Way into a Private Community
  • 5 Steps to: (fill in the blank)
  • A Preset Downloadable PDF Training
  • Free Postage or Discount Code
  • Time Saving Cheat Sheet
  • A Challenge
  • Tips from Experts in an Area
  • On Going Freebie Opt In

Don’t forget.

Once you have your freebie sorted, make sure your landing page reflects the value you’ve created.  Sell it baby.  Let your audience know how great your freebie is. 


Once you’ve got your freebie and landing page sorted. Share…Share…Share.  Everywhere!

The #1 piece of feedback I get from my own clients is “Sam I’ve created this amazing freebie but no-one is signing up”.  Have you let your audience know it’s there?

Hiding it on your website footer isn’t enough.  Regular shout outs on your socials, various points on your website, in your blogs, in groups that you belong to (and where you ideal clients are hanging out).  Keep on reminding your audience it’s available. It’s a great piece of content so don’t make it the worlds best kept secret.


Don’t over-think it.


Done is better than perfect.

I’ve seen countless times email marketing transform a business profitability and I use it as my driving marketing in all 3 of my businesses. It’s great for new product and service launches, delivering extra value and sales and creating loyalty to your brand.

If you haven’t already, download my free workbook to help you grow your email list.

And if you’ve like my help on your email marketing strategy, let’s work together 1:1 or join me at one of my upcoming email marketing workshops here.


I’m Sam Dixon, founder of Thrive With Sam Dixon, a Marketing Consultant and Business Mentor to ambitious businesswomen who want to launch, grow and scale their business with flexible marketing support. 

I’m always up for connecting with ambitious women who run their own businesses. If you’ve got a particular challenge with your marketing, let’s chat. Book in for a free discovery chat here.

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