Free Challenge Starts Monday 14th September 2020.

No-one wants to be the worlds best kept secret in business.

Is it time to focus on growing your audience and your visibility in business? Come join me for this live 5 day challenge where I'll help you raise your business visibility so that you can get seen, heard and bought from.

  • You've got so much to tell the world, share with the world but you're just not sure what you should be saying and when to get the best results.
  • During lock-down you've muddled your way through your marketing and messaging and now know you're ready to get laser-focused on building your visibility and relationships with your ideal clients.
  • Perhaps you pivoted in your business over the past 5 months and you know you need a holding hand on communicating who you, what you do and how to increase sales of your product or service.

If you answered YES to any of these, let me help you by joining me on this FREE 5 day challenge.


I know how busy you are and that's why each day, I'll be sharing training, hints and tips that will take you no longer than 30 minutes to apply into your own business. We'll be hanging out in the exclusive Facebook group where we'll collectively help you take action.


Who are you?

Sounds like an easy one right? If you're unable to communicate who you are whilst using the language your clients use, how will your ideal client 'get you' and understand what you have to say and sell? Let's nail this together.


Who do you want to work with?

There's little point building your visibility with an audience that doesn't want to buy from you. What's worse than trying to nurture an empty room? A room full of less than ideal clients. Let's get crystal clear on your ideal client.


Your content marketing

We all hear so much of building that 'know, like and trust'. Today I'll be sharing proven strategies and tools to help you raise your visibility through your content. Content that establishing you as the expert in your field, increases your changes of being found and builds on your relationships. 


Prioritising your time

If it feels like marketing has become a full time job, it's time to stand back, with my help, and work through what's going to get you most bang for your buck. It's totally OK not to be able to, or want to do everything. Promise.


Growing your confidence

Time to take action. Time to work on overcoming any obstacles to getting your brand and your message out there!

Exclusive Facebook group

Access to a Facebook community filled with other like-minded ambitious product and service based businesses who are all there to raise their visibility. This will be a goldmine of support and accountability 

Daily Emails

Alongside the daily live training, I'll be popping into your inbox every day with helpful prompts and guides.

Join Me

The 5 day visibility challenge gets started on Monday 14th of September. Come join me for a practical week of support, training and ideas.

Hi, I'm Sam

I get that it can feel overwhelming on knowing how to get you and your brand heard, listened to and brought from.  There are so many options, so much you feel you must know. So let's spend the week simplifying how you can take action with your visibility, messaging and confidence.

You'll be in safe and experienced hands for the week. I've worked in marketing for the past 20 years and I've run 4 separate businesses myself.

Before launching as a marketing consultant 7 years ago, I spent 15 years in marketing working at some of the largest brands and companies in the UK – Sony Electronics, Sky TV, Marks & Spencer, Carphone Warehouse and Virgin Holidays to name just a few.  

I'm super excited to be sharing the week with you.