7 top email marketing mistakes

I absolutely love email marketing.  Especially for small businesses.  I get it.  Often seen as the less exciting and less creative cousin to social media.  But I see it time and time again, business owners get sucked into social media.  And are then left with little time or energy for activity such as email marketing.  […]

5 top tips to become more intentional with your content marketing

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Hands up. Which one are you? You’re stuck on a hamster wheel of creating and sharing content. In a bid to keep ‘the algorithm’ happy? And constantly feeling that you’re flying by the seat of your pants by ‘putting stuff out there’? You’re happy that the messages and content you share fits with your business […]

Free Facebook group anyone?

Sam Dixon

Let’s talk free Facebook groups. I’m not a social media expert, but I do help women with their marketing strategy and work out the best way for women in biz to get seen, heard and bought from. And free groups always come up in conversations. Last week I closed my last free Facebook group.  I […]

Are we even speaking the same language?

Are we even speaking the same language?

It’s all too easy isn’t it? We get so passionate in our businesses. About what we sell, who we help and how we work. But often it gets mis-interpreted because we’re simply not speaking the same language. No, I’m not talking about global businesses who need to translate, it’s simply the words your clients, your […]

What’s all the fuss about email marketing?

Hands up…who ‘does’ email marketing in their business?  I ran a recent poll on my Facebook page and just 35% of responders regularly sent emails to their email list and to their past clients.  What! 65% of you missing out on this wonderful opportunity to connect with clients and clients to be. Contacts who actively […]