5 top tips to become more intentional with your content marketing

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Hands up. Which one are you? You’re stuck on a hamster wheel of creating and sharing content. In a bid to keep ‘the algorithm’ happy? And constantly feeling that you’re flying by the seat of your pants by ‘putting stuff out there’? You’re happy that the messages and content you share fits with your business […]

To charge or not to charge. That is the question.

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As I write this, small and large businesses across the world are coming to terms and adapting to the challenge that is Covid-19.  Here in the UK, we’ve just gone into lock-down and has affected a good 80-90% of my own clients businesses. Many are working out ways to move their business online, change the […]

What’s the fuss about blogging?

Welcome to my three part blog…and about blogging! You know I’m not sure where the shift has come from, but I’ve noticed a real resurgence on blogging these past 6 months. Have you too? I’ve noticed because I’m doing more training on it, it’s a key subject in my marketing programme and the feedback I […]

Time Out: With Sam Dixon

Well, this feels a little self-indulgent doesn’t it? I’m taking some time today to share more about me, what I do and why I do it! In a sea of coaches, consultants and experts, there’s a chance you’ve become overwhelmed about who can help you in your business. You know you need help, but you […]

Black Friday. Are you in or out?

Wow…Black Friday.  Have you noticed…every year it gets bigger, longer and more polarising for business owners.  As a marketer, Black Friday… you’re both a blessing and a curse!  It’s a great opportunity to get out there and unashamedly sell our wares (hurrah!) but on the other hand, the potential to erode profits and change customer […]