Time Out: With Andrea Cutts

Each month I take time out to get to know and share with you all, one of our fantastic members, in the Thrive Collective Membership. There’s one woman who gets tagged in the membership on a very regular basis. One, because she’s so exceptionally helpful, knowledgeable and talented and two, Facebook ads is a minefield […]

Black Friday. Are you in or out?

Wow…Black Friday.  Have you noticed…every year it gets bigger, longer and more polarising for business owners.  As a marketer, Black Friday… you’re both a blessing and a curse!  It’s a great opportunity to get out there and unashamedly sell our wares (hurrah!) but on the other hand, the potential to erode profits and change customer […]

Top 7 tips to improve your networking online.

Sam smiling outside

How do you get on when it comes to networking online?  Building your brand, growing your visibility and credibility and doing business? It was whilst I was hosting one of my Thrive Collective gatherings when one of the lovely members asked me for some top tips to maximising the opportunities we as business owners have […]

6 ways to become more productive with your marketing

Sam Dixon

OK, so you’ve decided to focus on your marketing and so far this year it’s going well.  But to scale, see more clients and become more efficient you need some hints and tips to help you become more effective. I hear it time and time again, in my Facebook group, with my clients and my […]

Time Out: With Laura Spurr

Do you find that locally, there are some women that everyone knows?  In a really good way.  Let me introduce you to Laura Spurr.  I moved to Bishop’s Stortford last year and kept coming across her name.  In my Facebook group, Women Who Thrive In Business, there was one woman helping everyone out, offering advice […]