5 top tips to become more intentional with your content marketing

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Hands up. Which one are you? You’re stuck on a hamster wheel of creating and sharing content. In a bid to keep ‘the algorithm’ happy? And constantly feeling that you’re flying by the seat of your pants by ‘putting stuff out there’? You’re happy that the messages and content you share fits with your business […]

Time Out: With Emma Riedo

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Today I have the absolute pleasure of spending time and interviewing one of the most connected, most supportive women I’ve had the pleasure of meeting in my 6 years of running a business. Yes, she’s that good! About 12 months ago our paths crossed when Emma joined me at one of my group VIP days. […]

Time Out: With Natalie King

One of the huge advantages of running a Facebook Community is that your paths cross with people who you may not ordinarily meet. That’s exactly what happened with the ever helpful, ever ambitious Natalie King. Now a member of Thrive Collective, and someone who helped me out with research before I’d even launched my membership,. […]

Looking to start your own business? Top tips from Women Who Thrive In Business

I work with women at all stages of their business.  With women who are considering making the leap into business ownership right through to those who have multiple business and who want to expand and evolve their business further. Last week I met with a friend who is contemplating starting up her own business.  The […]

6 ways to become more productive with your marketing

Sam Dixon

OK, so you’ve decided to focus on your marketing and so far this year it’s going well.  But to scale, see more clients and become more efficient you need some hints and tips to help you become more effective. I hear it time and time again, in my Facebook group, with my clients and my […]