7 top email marketing mistakes

I absolutely love email marketing.  Especially for small businesses.  I get it.  Often seen as the less exciting and less creative cousin to social media.  But I see it time and time again, business owners get sucked into social media.  And are then left with little time or energy for activity such as email marketing.  […]

Top Tips: Creating a compelling lead magnet

Picture this. You’ve heard me (or others) share and talk about the importance of building an engaged email list. You may have even downloaded my email marketing freebie here. You sit down to create your to do list to make it happen. You’ve heard the importance of a freebie or a lead magnet but your […]

10 questions to help you reflect on 2020

Do you feel it too? That the end of this year feels like a bigger deal than previous years.  There’s no doubt we’ve never experienced a year like it.  And hope we don’t have another like it. Every year I write a blog to encourage reflection on the past 12 months. So I’m once again […]

You don’t need to be the loudest to be heard.

Sam smiling outside

It’s not always the loudest business that gets heard! It’s not always the most creative business that gets seen. We hear it time and time again the importance of growing your visibility.  It’s true.  It is important.  After all, no-one wants to be the worlds best kept secret in business.  But it’s also true that […]

Are we even speaking the same language?

Are we even speaking the same language?

It’s all too easy isn’t it? We get so passionate in our businesses. About what we sell, who we help and how we work. But often it gets mis-interpreted because we’re simply not speaking the same language. No, I’m not talking about global businesses who need to translate, it’s simply the words your clients, your […]