Is it time to focus on growing your visibility, your audience, your profits and your loyalty in business in 2020?

Time to step away from chasing vanity numbers on social media and making sure your marketing efforts count? On your bottom line.

If so, join me for this brand new six months group programme . I'll help you transform your marketing and ultimately your business with a combination of raising your knowledge and confidence in key areas of marketing plus a dose of accountability to help you keep taking action.

New knowledge + Accountability = Optimum Success

Master Your Marketing is perfect for experienced business owners who are fed up chasing vanity numbers on social media, who are stuck in a social media trap and who are ready to scale their marketing and their business with improved profits and new revenue streams.  

Master Your Marketing is delivered in a way that suits you. 

Come join me, Sam Dixon, in person each month or work in exactly the same way but online. The exact same content will be shared with you and you'll be joining a group of like-minded women taking the same journey, who'll be cheering you on and celebrating your successes. And of course, we're here when you face challenges and obstacles...but we'll help you overcome them.


It's noisy out there right?

I mean in the world of getting heard, getting seen and being bought from.  

Everyone has a story to tell, a product or service to sell and the ways to get cut through can feel like a minefield. That’s before you even think about social media. I hear ya!  

You’re putting into place everything you think is right, what the experts say and being told what you should do…but you also know there’s more you want to and can be doing. 

That’s why I’ve launched this brand new 6 months marketing programme. For women who are ready to take their marketing and their business, their knowledge, their confidence and accountability to a whole new level. I'm excited for you just telling you about it!

A 6 month programme, where each month you'll receive new found knowlege and confidence on key areas of marketing to grow your audience, grow your visibility, grow your profits and finally your loyalty. As you're an established business owner, there's no specific training on social media - just ways to use what you've built to maximise your sales.

It's time to release yourself from restrictions. free yourself from vanity numbers and focus your efforts on the right places that are going to get you results. 

And, work with Sam Dixon, Marketing Consultant of 20+ years who has worked with 100's of women just like you to make sure they're using the very best marketing techniques in their business.

Let me ask, is this you?

  • You’re established in business but you're just not getting the results from your marketing efforts?  
  • You’ve invested in courses and workshops only to walk away and do nothing with it? 
  • Are you ready to expand how you reach out to your ideal clients and reduce your reliance on social media? 
  • Are you considering scaling your business? You’re looking at new ways to introduce more income and more profit and make a greater impact? 
  • Do you already know what you should be doing, you struggle to find the time or inclination to make the changes to grow? You’re so bogged down with what you already know that it’s challenging to find time to make changes?  

If these questions struck a chord with you , then Master Your Marketing is going to be perfect for you!

Imagine six months from now. 

How different your business will be when you've made changes with your new found knowledge and confidence in marketing.

Let's take a look at what we'll be covering together, whether you choose to join in-person or online.



Let's get your marketing foundations nailed. You've been going long enough now to know that not everyone is your ideal client. So we'll be getting you confident on who you are, what your business offers and who you want to attract and work with in your business. Without knowing these with confidence, you're firing blind in business and suspectible to attracting the wrong kind of business. No-one wants that do they? 



Building a profitable and scalable business relies heavily on growing your audience and nurturing that know, like & trust so that when you have something to sell, that your ideal client they are warm to your messages. 

I'll be introducing you to structure, to tools and helping you carve out a 12 month content marketing plan during this module.



How many of you feel icky about selling? In person or online? This module focuses on growing your knowledge and confidence on how to sell your products and services without feeling like a spammy pammy. 

The second half of this module helps inform you how to write compelling copy that sells - including social media, email marketing, sales pages and on your website. 



During this module we'll be following on from your content strategy and how to introduce meaningful email marketing and blogging into your business. We'll be looking at creating freebies and lead magnets that attract your ideal clients onto your email marketing database and then how to use email marketing to ultimately drive sales and loyalty. And alongside email there's time for training on blogging. What to write and talk about that gets you seen and understood as the expert in your field. 



Whether you sell a product or service, this module is going to get you thinking about introducing semi-passive income into your business (courses, memberships & communities) or expanding your product lines. 

Collectively I'll be sharing key considerations for your business and where you'll then have the time, knowledge, space and accountability to take action in your business. I'll be sharing my own knowledge on how I've introduced semi-passive income into my business.



How many businesses focus on just gaining new clients in their business? Did you know it costs 7 times as much to acquire a new client than it does it retain an existing one? During this module we'll work through the importance of loyalty marketing, opportunities on how to improve yours and how to make that shift change on moving away from just filling the top of the sales funnel.

BONUS....Come join me before 20th of December and you'll receive a bonus 60 minute group online session on goal setting for 2020. (Taking place in January)

Come Join Me: Either In-Person Or Online

Does Master Your Marketing sound just what you need in business? 

I've got two options on how you can join me. 

Come join me either in person each month or live and online. 

Whether you join me online or inperson you'll receive exactly the same content, workbook and live training on each module.

In between our inperson and online training, there'll be dedicated sessions live and online to answer questions, share successes and ask for any help or input. I want you to make sure you keep focussed on applying your new found confidence and knowledge.

And whether you join in person or online, you'll be invited into the Master Your Marketing exclusive Facebook Community...another way to help keep you on track and focussed and surrounded with women in business just like you.


Join Sam and a small group of likeminded women (maximum of 5) at a venue in Bishop's Stortford each month. Each month we'll meet as a group for each module (each module lasts up for up to 2.5 hours) and covers new content and how to apply it in your business.  

You'll also have access to the live online training and the live 'online check in' sessions in between our face to face to meet ups.


Join Sam online each month, live and via Zoom where you'll cover practical and insightful training and content and how to apply it in your business. 

You'll receive a workbook to accompany the trainng. And it gets saved and recorded so you can watch back or catch up whenever you need to.

Whichever option you decide to take, these are the live training dates 

Joining in person? We'll get started each date at 10am

Joining on-line? We'll be gathering on Zoom at 7.30pm on each date.

The live training takes place on:

  • Monday 3rd Feb, 
  • Monday 2nd Mar, 
  • Monday 30th Mar, 
  • Monday 11th of May, 
  • Monday 1st of June, 
  • Monday 6th July.

(For the eagle-eyed amongst you we have avoided Easter Holidays and Bank Holidays)

What do others say about working with Sam?

Have a read of what Rebecca, founder of DayHR Consultancy has to say...

"When I launched my HR Consultancy I knew that I needed some help with formulating my marketing strategy.I wanted someone that had strong credentials in marketing and had achieved demonstrable results for sizeable well-known companies. In short, I wanted a ‘do-er’ not someone that just knew the theory. I also wanted someone who was down-to-earth, approachable and who I was able to build a connection with.  

Sam met all of my needs and more. From working with me on identifying my ideal client, helping me to fine tune my offering and raise my visibility, Sam has been there every step of the way. Fast forward six months and I am doing really well and this is in no small part down to Sam’s excellent one-to-one marketing support".  

Have a read of what Julie, founder of Sugar Freedom with Jules has to say...

"I contacted Sam to help me with a specific business idea... I wanted to create a paid membership, but I didn’t know where to start with the process, technology or marketing! 

I chose Sam over others, because I’d been in her group for some time and could see she knew her stuff. Most importantly, I knew Sam had recently created her own paid membership group, and I was keen to learn how it all worked and the best way to launch it. I had just one chance to get this new product launched correctly, so I did my homework to find the coach that was the best match. I live in Cardiff, and Sam lives 200 miles away, a slight issue, but I knew she was my lady, so I booked the transport and off I went. I spent a day with Sam, and I wasn’t disappointed. She guided me through the process and I left feeling clear headed about what I needed to do, positive and so excited about my new venture. Sam has also kept in touch since, looking over copy for me and advising as and when. I couldn’t have done it with out her. Thank you Sam..."

Let Me Introduce Myself

Hi I'm Sam and I'm a Marketing Consultant to ambitious women in business. 

I've worked in marketing for the past 20 years and I've run 4 seperate businesses myself. I get that it can feel overwhelming on knowing how to get you and your brand heard, listened to and brought from.  

I work with both service and product based owners who want to launch, grow and scale their business on their terms.  

I've worked with hundreds of women to share my experience, knowledge and know-how to help make positive changes to their businesses.  

I'm excited for Master Your Marketing in 2020 - a perfect opportunity for women who are ready to truly up their marketing game to deliver bigger and more meaningful business. 

Are you ready to elevate your marketing with my help, knowledge and accountability? If so, I look forward to working with you!



Frequently Asked Questions

What's included in Master Your Marketing? This depends on which option suits you best.  

In person, you'll receive a full day with Sam Dixon (10am - 2.30pm), working through face to face each module of training and how to apply it in your business. You'll have a workbook to accompany each module. After our time together, you can carry on co-working at the venue that we'll be meeting in. You'll also have access to the online training (live and recorded).  

Online, you'll be able to join the live online training each month (lasting up to 90 minutes), with a workbook. If you miss it live, the training gets recorded so you can watch at a time that suits you.  

And whether you go for online or in-person you'll be joining Sam live and online inbetween the training sessions to answer any questions you have, challenges you've come up against and celebrate your wins. And you'll be welcomed into the exclusive Facebook group.  

When will I start paying?  

Your place is secured as soon as you complete your payment details on GoCardless by following one of the booking links. GoCardless will take payment / start taking payments one week after signing up.  

What type of business is Master Your Marketing suitable for?  

Sam's experience and this programme is suitable for both service and product based businesses. This 6 month programme is suitable for women in business who already have an established business. Especially those who have invested time in building their knowledge and understanding of social media and now want to move their current audience into profitable clients. There is no specific training on how to use social media platforms.  

How does Master Your Marketing differ from the Thrive Collective: The Membership?  

MYM aim is to walk those of you joining through a particular process to optimise your marketing channels to grow and scale your business profitability. The Membership has been structured for members to take their own pace and covers topics for all areas of businss, not just marketing. Not all MYM will provide small group accountability and results will be created my women taken action in the same areas of business at the same pace.  

Any questions, email Sam at

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