Imagine this. Going from little or no email marketing activity in your business to having a fully well thought out email strategy. In just four weeks!

It's noisy out there, right? And if you've been wondering how to get heard and seen and how to deliver content to your ideal clients without algorithms getting in the way, you need email marketing in your biz.

Whilst we're in these uncertain times and whether you're selling in your business or working on building your audience, now feels like a good opportunity to build your email list, build your audience and rapport so that you can drop into your ideal clients inboxes with content, value and offers. On your terms.

Join me for this this live and online 4 week course where together we'll take it step-by- step covering everything from nailing your freebie (your lead magnet), your landing pages, email sequences and your ongoing email marketing strategy. Plus read on for bonus modules and content.

We'll get started on Thursday 14th of May at 8.15pm.

Join for £179 >>

I know times are challenging at the moment which is why I've heavily discounted this course and I'm offering two ways to pay. Pay in one go for £179 or pay in two monthly installments of £89.50 .

This is a special offer price and will increase to £249 the next time this course becomes available.

EARLY BIRD OFFER : This offer has now ended.

Why this course? And why now?

Whether you’re currently selling in your business right now, or focusing on growing your audience and your visibility, email marketing is the most profitable way to nurture your audience, increase sales and have ongoing conversations with new and existing clients. Fact.

And if like many other small business owners, you’re keen to build your business on data that you own.  Without relying on social media and algorithms, then this 4 weeks together is going to be time well spent.

Perhaps you've got caught up on the shininess and creativity of social media but you're quickly realising it's not converting to sales by itself.

And now you're craving a solid strategy and plan. Yes, you can fumble along, finding your way. But this course will fast track your confidence, knowledge and make sure you take action!

Over the 4 weeks I’ll help you get clear and confident on the importance of email marketing, how to create a killer lead magnet and landing page, how to automate your email sequence, how to grow your email list and what to do with it once you’ve got it with your ongoing email marketing! 

So much packed into just four weeks!

After our four weeks together you'll have...

  • Clarity and confidence on your email marketing strategy. And how it fits into your overall marketing strategy.
  • A bank of ideas on creating compelling freebies / opt-ins that your clients will LOVE.
  • You'll know how to create and host your freebie. I won't let the tech get in the way of you launching your freebie.
  • Know how to write and implement your email sequences. I love automation in our businesses and I'll be sharing what to include in your ongoing email sequences (complete with swipe files).
  •  Full training and ideas on how to grow your email list...with added accountability to make sure you TAKE ACTION.
  • How to track and measure the performance of your email marketing. If you're putting in this effort, you want to make sure it's working right?
  • Easy to use help to come up with subject lines and top tips to avoid the spam filters.
  • And finally, you'll come away knowing what to do with your email list on an ongoing basis to help you grow a profitable business.

Knowledge + confidence + accountability = optimum success.

Let's Nail Your Email Marketing in 4 Weeks

Over four weeks I'll be there teaching and supporting with you everything I know and I've built up over the years to create, build and start growing your email list. Here's what we'll cover together:

WEEK ONE – Create your lead magnet and landing page.  To encourage your ideal clients to sign up to your email lists you’ll need a killer freebie.  Or lead magnet.  You’ll come up with a lead magnet that you can start taking action on right away.

WEEK TWO – Create your email sequence.   Once your ideal clients opt-in to your freebie, I’ll be sharing and teaching best practice email sequences that you can introduce.  And what’s even better?  I’ll be providing swipe files with example copy and content that you can use in your email sequence. 

WEEK THREE – How to grow your email list. We’ll be looking at your existing audience to grow your list + an ongoing strategy for you to use to grow your list and audience.  Once you’ve got your lead magnet nailed you’re going to want a helpful list of ways to promote it.

WEEK FOUR – Your ongoing email marketing strategy & email marketing analytics. Time to introduce email marketing into your ongoing marketing plans.  Plus, I’ll be sharing how best to understand your email performance and how to make changes in the future from your analytics. 


  • BONUS MODULE BEFORE WE START: Getting to grips with your marketing strategy and how email fits in. Getting clear on the what, who and how of your marketing.
  • SWIPE FILES: - Module two is all about your email sequence. I'll be sharing example copy and content that you can adapt and apply into your very own emails.
  • CONTENT PLANNERS & MARKETING PLANNERS : Helping you keep organised with your marketing.

We'll get started on Thursday 14th May 2020

As soon as you join you'll be invited into the Exclusive Facebook Community for this course. Then every Thursday, starting the 14th of May at 8.15pm I'll be delivering each module live and online on Zoom.

The live training takes place on:

  • Thursday 14th May 8.15pm
  • Thursday 21st of May 8.15pm
  • Thursday 28th of May 8.15pm
  • Thursday 4th of June 8.15pm
  • All modules are delivered live, with a supporting workbook. All modules get recorded and saved in your exclusive online course area so you can watch back whenever you need to.
  • PLUS.....You'll have lifetime access to the course.

What do others say about working with Sam?

Have a read of what Emma, founder of Emma Riedo Movement, who is currently taking part in my 6 months marketing programme has to say...

"Master Your Marketing is, as I have come to expect from Sam, an in-depth step by step guide of what needs to be done to get your marketing sorted.  Each module comes with detailed whys and background information before you get stuck into working through the workbook, which assists you to move through each step in a logical way". 

"In between, we have check-ins, accountability in the Facebook group and help from the other participants – all ambitious women in business.  I have taken part in many in-person and online courses and events with Sam.  She is my go-to person for all things marketing and business-related.  She helps me see the wood for the trees and make progress".

Have a read of what Georgia, founder of Birth Easy with Georgia who is currently taking part in my 6 months marketing programme has to say...

"I am half way through my Master Your Marketing course with Sam and am already reaping the rewards. Every session gets us thinking, brainstorming and exploring ways we can better our business. In the face-to-face sessions, we bounce ideas off each other, under the supervision and expertise of Sam herself. I always leave inspired, and itching to make things happen. I feel so much more confident and focused with my "marketing strategy" now, a phrase which before now, would make my stomach churn. I couldn't recommend this course enough. Thanks Sam!"

Let Me Introduce Myself

Hi I'm Sam and I'm a Marketing Consultant to ambitious women in business. 

I've worked in marketing for the past 20 years and I've run 4 separate businesses myself over the past 7 years. I get that it can feel overwhelming on knowing how to get you and your brand heard, listened to and brought from.  

I work with both service and product based owners who want to launch, grow and scale their business on their terms.  

And what I've noticed is the heavy reliance on social media which is why I've been compelled to create this course and share my knowledge so women like you can become confident in email marketing.  

I'm excited for Master Your Email Marketing - a perfect opportunity for female business owners to build a list, an audience they own and that will add sales to their business.

Are you ready to elevate your email marketing with my help, knowledge and accountability? If so, I look forward to working with you!



A Reminder Of Your Investment

Live online training with Sam every week for 4 weeks. Always with time to ask questions and input with Sam directly.

Practical and printable workbooks to accompany each module. So you can work through the training and apply new knowledge to your business.

Exclusive Facebook group just for members of Master Your Email Marketing. A place to ask questions, receive input, be inspired and hold yourself accountable to taking action.

Additional downloads, swipe files and planners to help fast track and keep momentum going with your email marketing.

Do you encounter a challenge with the tech? No worries. Included in the course fee is 30 minutes with Alison Cooper to be used at any point over the 4 weeks.

Enjoy actioning everything whilst we're together but need to refer back in future? No problem. You'll have lifetime access to the course content.

No Need To Worry about The Tech....

We'll be joined on the course by Alison Cooper.

With us on our journey is expert email & tech Virtual Assistant, Alison Cooper.

Alison will be frequently in the Facebook group, answering any tech questions that you have on setting up, creating and sending live your email marketing plan.

Plus, included in your course fee, if you need 1:1 time with Alison, you've got FREE access to 30 minutes time with Alison. Alison helps me out personally in my business and my emails and so I know you're going to be in safe and capable hands.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? Here are some of the most common ones people ask before joining. If you don't see your question here, email me at

What type of business is Master Your Email Marketing suitable for?  

My experience and this email course is suitable for both service and product based businesses. This 4 weeks course is suitable if you've already got started with your email marketing or if you're completely new to building your list and your email strategy.

How many hours a week will I need to complete the course?

As this is a new course I don’t have feedback from former students, and of course we know that people work at very different speeds. But we have designed each module to make it easy for you to understand and implement, so you can create your freebie, landing page, email sequences and your ongoing email sequence whilst managing your other commitments. 

Plus you have lifetime access to the content, so if you want to take more time you can.

Will you run this course again?

Yes, I will run it again in the future. And the price will return to the full course price of £249.

So if you think you might want to do it but not quite yet, you can of course purchase this course at the launch price and save it for when you need it. You’ll have all the content and video class recordings.

I don't yet have an established business or a large following. Is this course suitable?

Yes. I'll be teaching you ways to grow your audience so this will be perfect.

Will you teach me how to put everything together?

Yes, I'll be showing you best practice for lead magnets, landing pages, email sequences and ongoing emails. There are so many choices to deliver all of these so I'll be giving options for students to take away and implement. And if you encounter any problems, you can ask for help or use your 1:1 time with Alison to overcome your challenges.

What's included in Master Your Email Marketing?

You'll spend time with Sam Dixon every Thursday evening from 7.30 till roughly 8.30 (I'm around to answer questions as long as you need me) working through each module of training and how to apply it in your business. You'll have a workbook to accompany each module. You'll also have access to the online training (live and recorded).  

Sam will be in the Facebook Community answering any questions you have, challenges you've come up against and celebrate your wins. Plus, our email and tech expert Alison will be in the group to help out. Can't figure it out? Don't forget included in your course fee you have 30 minute 1:1 time with Alison.  

When will I start paying?  

Your place is secured as soon as you complete your sign up by following one of the booking links. I've offered two payment options dependent on what suits you best.  

How does Master Your Email Marketing differ from the Thrive Collective: The Membership?  

Master Your Email Marketing aim is to walk through step by step the process of setting up up your email strategy. Whilst email training will be covered in the Thrive Collective Membership, you can imagine one hour of training verses a 4 week course to be very different when it comes to detail, training and accountability.

Any questions, email Sam at

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