Every woman I work with has their own unique needs in their business. Women who choose to work with me, find comfort and reassurance that I’m there beside them. I bring my 20 years marketing experience and can apply everything that’s relevant to help transform and accelerate their business.

By listening and asking insightful questions, I gain a thorough understanding of their business and marketing goals and aims. I delve into what’s working well, what’s been tried and tested and then I’m in a place to offer recommendations and a plan to make realistic changes to their marketing and increase return on their investment. I’m there if their plans involve something new and they need a new approach to their marketing. Demystifying things they may have heard or feel overwhelmed about.

By now, you’re possibly wondering what it might look like to work with me. I’ve included my most popular packages to give you an idea. But if you don’t see something that fits the bill, just drop me a line and we can chat through where you are and what you need.