Do It

You have the plans, the strategies and the desire to make changes to your marketing (you may or may not have had help from me) but you just don’t have the time or the know-how to your plans out there.  Well, let me help you out.

You know you need to be visible on social media but frankly, you’re busy seeing clients, growing your business and you want someone to keep the communications going with your existing and new clients.

There are so many ways I support business owners with the delivery of their marketing.  These are just some of the ways

  • Brand and logo creation – reviewing what you have and helping you evolve when you need it.
  • Devise and manage your content marketing.  Making sure that everything that comes from your brand is relevant, interesting and targeted towards your ideal clients.
  • Email and direct marketing management.  You have a database but you’re not sure what to do with it.  You don’t have a database but know how much it will benefit your business.  I can help with both of these.
  • You’ve heard about sales funnels and lead magnets and you know you need to lessen your reliance on social media.  Let me help you create content, processes and ongoing dialogue via email marketing
  • You want to do more offline activity and create more engagement but don’t have time to source all the different elements to making it happen.  I have a little black book of the best contacts and I can manage this for you.  The same goes for brochures, leaflets, magazines, banners, posters and flyers to support your marketing activities. Combining the best printing techniques, professional photography and excellent design to ensure a professional looking product at affordable costs.

All of the work I do is carried out on the basis I fully understand your business objectives and the needs of your customers.  To avoid the scattergun approach, we ensure that there is a strategic plan in place for integrating content marketing seamlessly into your marketing mix.

For more information on how I can help deliver, manage and optimise your marketing strategy email me or call me on 07972 783 507.